Advantages and Disadvantages of Mobile Phones

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Mobiles phones were first made commercially available in 1983. And from then till now the mobile phones have always been an important part of our daily life and routine. But the only difference that was between the1983 mobile and today’s mobile is that the today,s mobile have become smarter and have equipped with a lot of interesting features. We can surf the net, watch movies, listen to music, click pictures and do what not possible with a mobile.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Mobile Phones

But as the mobile phones became smarter and changed to smartphones the similar way it came with positive and negative both aspects. So in this post, we will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of mobile phones so that you can have a clear idea about its both positive and negative points.

Advantages of Mobile Phones :

1. Source of Entertainment 

  • Mobile Phones nowadays have become the major source of entertainment because of its instant access. You can listen to music, watch videos, play games, surf the net and do what so ever possible. This instant entertainment can be many times helpful to overcome boredom and stress.

2. Portable and Handy

  • Mobiles Phones are portable and handy which make it easier for us to carry it with us anywhere. Carrying it easily help us stay connected with the world anywhere and at any time. It also helps us to call our close ones when we want or in case of an emergency.

3. Communication made easy

  • Mobile Phones make our communication easier with another person without any delay. Just dial the person number with whom you want to communicate within your mobile and there you are ready to communicate.

4. Always Stay Connected with the Internet

  • Mobile phones give us the access to the internet with which we can watch the news, read ebooks, surf net or increase our knowledge by watching knowledgeable videos.

5. Helps in Time management

  • Mobile phones can be used as a useful time management tool. We can set alarms, keep reminders and can even make a detailed timetable to sort out daily routine work.

6. GPS and Maps

  •  Mobile phones nowadays come with integrated GPS and maps applications which make it easier for us to navigate whenever we are traveling or have lost our way home.

7. Camera 

  • The most highlighting feature nowadays in a mobile phone is its camera. Everyone wants a mobile phone with a good camera clarity so that he could capture the most beautiful moments of his life in it. A mobile camera can also be used as a spy cam in emergency situations to record crucial incidents and can be used afterward as a proof.

Disadvantages of Mobile Phones :

1. Cause of Many Health Problems

  • Mobile is a very useful device but it can also lead to many health problems like skin allergies, hearing impairment, infertility and even heart-related problems.

2. Cause of Road Accidents

  • The percentage of road accidents that occur every day has been increasing drastically year after year. And the most common reason that is found many times for the cause of road accidents is the use of mobile phones while driving.

3. Effects Student Studies  

  • Mobile phone when used properly can be a source of infinite knowledge. But students noways only use it for irrelevant stuff like playing games, browsing social media sites etc, which ultimately affects their focus on studies and final results.

4. Less Time Spent With Family

  • When a person uses a phone for longer durations he forgets to spend quality time with his family and stays involved in the virtual social life by forgetting the real social life.

5. Loss of Personal Data

  • We use mobiles for storing our photos, videos, personal data and what not. But this data can be stolen anytime from our device due to our mistake or if someone hacks our phone. And then your personal data can be used against you to blackmail you or to threaten you.

This was all about the advantages and disadvantages of mobile phones. So it’s on you how you want to make use of your mobile, by focusing on its disadvantages or its advantages.

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