Advantages and Disadvantages of Television

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Television has become a very important part of our life. We watch it on a regular basis to remove our stress or boredom. In spite of just being an entertainment, source it has both negative and positive points which you should keep in mind before buying it or using it. So here in this post, we will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of television so that you have a clear idea about its both aspects.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Television

Advantages of Television 

1. Source of Entertainment

  • We can listen to music, watch movies, tv shows and whatever we want on a television. Therefore television acts as a stress buster and helps us to remove our boredom.

2. Source of Knowledge

  • We can increase our knowledge by watching informative TV Channels and know about different things about which we were unaware of before.

3. Improves our Cooking Skills

  • Food is the most important part of our lives and eating a proper diet is a must for proper healthy life. Cooking shows on television help us know about the right diet for a healthy living and it also helps learn how to make new dishes.

4. Live Sports

  • We can watch our favorite sports games live on television without any delay and cheer for our team. Sports channels motivate individuals to play their sport which ultimately results in a fit and healthy body.

5. Stay Updated Daily with News

  • With television, we can anytime watch the latest news from any part of the world with the comfort of our living room and stay updated daily.

Disadvantages of Television

1. Increased Electricity Bill

  • Buying a television increases the electricity consumption in your home which ultimately results in an increased electricity bill amount.

2. Cause of Many Health Problems

  • According to the Harvard School of Public Health researchers watching television for a longer duration or on a regular basis can result in many health problems like type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and weaker eye sights.

3. Fake Advertisement

  • The advertisement is the major source of earning of many TV Channels. Companies often just to sell their product do fake advertising campaigns on TV Channels. And when we buy the product we undergo several problems which were not told by the company in their advertising campaign.

4. Wastage of Time

  • Watching television is good if we watch it occasionally but many time people become addict to television and sit whole day in front of the television. This addiction ultimately leads to the wastage of time.

5. Negative Impact on Children

  •  Children enjoy watching their favorite cartoons on television but often they end up watching some shows which are not suitable for their age. These shows negatively motivate children to smoke, drink, drive etc. So to prevent children from getting into these bad habits parents should keep a regular check on their children and communicate with them on a regular basis as a friend.

Wrapping Up

This was all about the advantages and disadvantages of television. Hence television is a great invention of science but it’s on you how you make use of it either negatively or positively.

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