AMOLED vs IPS: Which One Is The Best?

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Whenever we buy a smartphone we only focus on its camera, storage, processor etc. But the most important thing the display remains unfocused. There are two main types of display used in a smartphone AMOLED and IPS. AMOLED stands for Active Matrix Organic Light Emitting Diode and IPS stands for In-Plane Switching. Let’s do a display battle AMOLED vs IPS and find out which one is the best.


AMOLED vs IPS: Comparison

1. Technology

  • AMOLED: It uses organic compounds which emit light when exposed to electric current.

  • IPS: It uses backlight technology to power the screen.

2. Viewing Angles

  • AMOLED: It has a greater viewing angle as compared to IPS display.

  • IPS: It has a shorter viewing angle as compared to AMOLED display.

3. Power Consumption

  • AMOLED: It consumes less power compared to IPS display.

  • IPS: It consumes more power compared to AMOLED Display.

4. Size

  • AMOLED: AMOLED display are thinner as compared to IPS.

  • IPS: IPS display are thicker as compared to AMOLED.

5. Sunlight Viewing 

  • AMOLED: It does not have better sunlight viewing experience.

  • IPS: It has better sunlight viewing experience.

Wrapping Up

Now lets come to the main question which one is the best? Actually, there isn’t an exact answer to this question that which one is the best in this battle AMOLED vs IPS. It all depends on the user perspective. If you want good battery life, better colors and darker blacks then you should choose AMOLED. And if you want better sunlight viewing experience, brighter whites, and pocket-friendly price than you can go with IPS. So now after knowing both negative and positive points of AMOLED and IPS, you can choose which one is the real winner for you.

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