MediaTek vs Snapdragon: Which One Is The Best?

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Whenever we decide to buy a new smartphone offline or online we often come across the term processor. It is the most important part of a smartphone which processes every single command performed by the user. The processor used in a smartphone can be of any company either Qualcomm, Kirin, MediaTek or Exynos. But the two processors that are used mostly by the smartphone manufacturers are MediaTek and Snapdragon. Now to understand which processor is better for your next smartphone purchase, let’s do a processor battle MediaTek vs Snapdragon.

MediaTek vs Snapdragon


MediaTek is a Taiwan based company and was founded on May 28, 1997. In the earlier period of its development, it made chipsets for DVD Players, digital TVs etc. And then upgraded their business to the making of chipsets for smartphones, mobile phones, and tablets. Meditek generally makes chipsets for the budget and midrange segment smartphones and has been extremely popular for a long period. Though there have been some processors who have underperformed.


Snapdragon is designed by Qualcomm and is also popularly known as Qualcomm Snapdragon. The company was founded in November 2007. The first product from the company was Snapdragon 8250 and was launched in the same year. Qualcomm has been in the game of processors from long and is extremely popular for making some good flagship grade processors. Though there have been some processors like Snapdragon 810 who have faded the name of the company and were extreme failures.

Wrapping Up | Which One is the Best? 

MediaTek and Qualcomm both have some good processors and bad processors. So it is extremely difficult to tell which one out of these two is best. But looking at the history of both companies we can say that MediaTek has made more underperforming chipsets as compared to Qualcomm. So, in this case, we can consider Snapdragon as a winner in regard to its history. Moreover, there is not a perfect reason or statement to declare which one is the clear winner in this battle Mediatek vs Snapdragon.

I hope you understood that it’s not on the company of the processor to look after while buying a smartphone. But things to look after are the specification of the processors in the similar price range of smartphones and choose the best one.

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